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Nudity - The Silverest Blade 7" PIAPTK - 324

Nudity was always one of my favorite bands during my decade in Olympia, and is one of the longer running bands to still call Oly home. Dave Harvey is at the root of the band, but you can bet that whoever else is filling out the lineup, they are well known within the Pac NW rock scene.

I'm very excited to finally be working with them on this new single that will also be available on their upcoming West Coast tour. If you live in any of these towns, do yourself a favor and catch one of these dates.

You know that theory that the universe is perpetually expanding and then contracting in a never-ending series of big bangs? That’s the sound of Nudity. From their home base in Olympia, WA, they explode with tuff, knife-edged rock’n’roll like The Silverest Blade with its twin-guitar harmonies and just a hint of the kosmische via swirling synths, before exploding into long-form, sonically expansive tripped out molten psychedelia, the like of which can be heard on their upcoming LP The Silverest Blade, released later in 2022 as a split between High Command Recording Company and K Records. The band’s membership ties together years of legendary underground Olympia musical history, bringing in badass players from The Need, Hysterics, Broken Water, the Tight Bro’s From Way Back When and more to create a singular noise, ever expanding and contracting in their own universal big bang.
Nudity will be spinning off new universes nightly on their West Coast tour in April 2022. Check for more albums and tour updates.

4/8 Seattle
4/9 Portland
4/11 San Luis Obispo, CA
4/12 Southern California
4/13 LA, Permanent Records Roadhouse
4/14 SF, The Eagle
4/15 Oakland, Eli’s Mile High
4/16 Northern California
4/22 Olympia, Cryptatropa

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