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Mr Husband - The Portrait of An Artist.... 10" PIAPTK - 321

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The second album from Mr. Husband in 2021. The last one we released (Kinny Bouquet) sold out in an hour, and this one is the same format. Limited to 50 copies, each of which is hand made by Kenny himself.

This album feels like the Yin (lyrics and vocal melody forward vibe), to the Yang, (instrumental musical aesthetics forward vibe) of Kinny Bouquet. It's a real fun tongue in cheek pisstake in pop song form on what many of us aging hipsters are going through these days.

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Dearest Listener and Good Friend, what we have here is not another moody groover a la Kinny Bouquet. For my second collection of 2021 I offer you not tone and vibe but rather a lyrical examination and indictment of my own ego. It made me both laugh and cry, gave me both fear and comfort, as I wrote these songs. I hope you can tap this collection when you need that duality in order to feel sincere as I often do.

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