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Floating Action - Jinx Protecting PIAPTK - 306

Preorder: Hopefully shipping in February? Who TF knows?... (more pressing plant delays possible.. it was ordered in February). If you order other items and want them shipped sooner, please place seperate orders.

The New (Final?) Final Floating Action album. Seth Kauffman has released as many "Last Albums" as KISS has had "Farewell Tours". But, could this really be the one? I hope not. But who knows?

As usual, many different and beautiful versions of this one:
-Standard Version - Black Vinyl
-Deluxe Version - Available on either "Cash Money Green" or "Power Hand Red" (Both limited to 150 copies) and includes a custom made beautiful wood two piece Floating Action incense burner and one of six different Floating Action Incense packages.
- Almost Halloween Time Handpainted - Luigi really outdid himself on this one. Inspired by the Italian La Smorfia (a card that has 90 images that represent dreams and that people use to choose lottery numbers), he painted (is painting) 90 unique covers that correspond to both the album lyrics and the Smorfia images. If we are sold out, order from Luigi Direct at:
-Handmade Test Pressings - As usual, Seth handmade 20 covers for the test pressings.
- Add-On The Floating Action Catch up Pack for $35 ($45 value) and get the Dream Sitch (FA + Michael Nau), the last FA album, Outsider Art LP, and the "Lies" CD/Vinyl Hybrid Single.

This is a co-release with our buddies at Science Project Records, who have 100 copies on random color regrind vinyl available at:


Seth Kauffman wasn't going to make another Floating Action album. He'd been on a rampage, releasing a new album every year since 2015. Then after Covid-19 hit, was fresh off making the ultra-inspired Dream Sitch collaboration with Michael Nau. Covid had caused Kauffman's music career (touring with Jim James, Ray Lamontagne, Dylan LeBlanc, and studio work with Dan Auerbach, Lana Del Rey, Basia Bulat, and countless others) - to immediately grind to a halt. Gone. Done. No choice but to take up work as a handyman, scrambling to provide for his family.
But then, in October of 2020, while camping with his 5 year old daughter, tons of song ideas suddenly came to Kauffman. He voice memo'd them, and within a week or two, enough ideas had materialized to make a whole new Floating Action album.
But a ridiculous 7 day a week work schedule left him no time to ever turn those ideas into proper songs...never a spare moment to work in his recording studio. Until in February 2021, he was finally able to carve out two weeks to work on what was to become 'Jinx Protecting'. This album marks the first time Kauffman co-wrote songs with anyone other than himself. Some lyrics were crafted by Michael Nau, and Kauffman's daughter Gretchen. Michael Nau and his wife and children sang on 'Steadfast Love', and Kings of Leon's Timothy Deaux co-wrote 'Wrong Place'.
Classic Floating Action philosophical lyrics on this album, but 'Jinx Protecting' shows a shift from pessimistic human nature-questioning, to only focusing on pure simple beauty. Nothing but positivity and love on this one.
Sonically thick and dripping with soul and fearless confidence, guided purely by the muse, 'Jinx Protecting' has the feel of a meditative Exile On Main Street recorded in a secret bunker in Jamaica. This seems like it will be the last Floating Action album ever, but who knows when the muse might strike again.

Pressing Information

150 copies of Deluxe Cash Green Vinyl
150 Copies of Deluxe Power Hand Red Vinyl
Unlimited Black Vinyl
90 Almost Halloween Time Covers
20 Handmade Test Pressings
100 Random Color Vinyl on Science Project Records