Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Lee Gull Baggett - Music, Sticker, and Original Art Pak PIAPTK - 300

We got a little carried away making this art pak, but to paraphrapse Hunter S. Thompson " “Not that we needed all this for the release, but once you get locked into a seriously over indulgent art pak, the tendency is to push it as far as you can"


I love Lee, who is not only my favorite outsider Americana songwriter, but also one of my favorite visual artists. This Art Pak is also the first time in decades that anyone has heard Fever Tree, Lee's early-90s Grunge Band that he had with his brother, Ted, and is a really fun nostalgic peek at a world that some of us remember first hand, and others of you only know through movies like SIngles or from your parents "war stories"... that of early 90s small town local bands.

You Get:
--1x Custom Fever Tree Business Card Flip-Out Flash Drive (didn't know these existed? Us either, but they are amazing for carrying in your wallet so you always have a flash drive on hand/under ass) Loaded with the Fever Tree - To-And-Fro Pt. 1, 18 track album.
--1x Reproduction Newspaper Clipping of an original (and hilarious) 1991 writeup about Fever Tree in the local San Luis Obsipo, CA weekly
--1x Unique Handdrawn 5x7" Art card featuring a one-of-a-kind pen and water color drawing of one (or more) of Lee's bizarre creatures shredding the gnar.
--1x Lee Gull Burner Rolling Papers packs
--3x Lee Gull / Fever Tree / and Wizard Riding A Walrus 1.5" buttons
--11x 4" weatherproof die cut stickers of various Lee drawings
--All encased inside a Lee Gull psychedelic smell proof bud baggie.

These got crazy expensive, and, like most lathe cut releases, are barely break even after Lee's artist copies, but we wanted to keep these affordable to everyone, so if you get as much of a giggle about how ridiculous this thing is and wanna throw down an extra couple bucks, I promise to spend it on Sangria Spritzers (how I do my best thinking).

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