Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Archives@OP - Lathe Cuts


So, for every record that I make, I always try to keep at least 5 copies of each lathe cut and 10 copies of each pressed record for my archives. This assures that I won't oversell it, have replacements in case the USPS does what the USPS does best (loses/destroys a package), have a copy for a good friend who is a super fan, etc etc.

Every once in a while I clean out the archives, find random things here or there, etc and list them t clear out space. For the most part these are listed at the original prices. Just pleasedon't be that discogs flipper asshole that jacks the prices up on these rarities, please.

NOLF #1 - Pic Discs - Live Recordings from the first year of Tucson's best Festival (RIP) - These stripped down versions were recorded live inside a fake bank vault set at Old Tucson Studios, a wild west movie set where they've filmed thousands of movies, including Three Amigos. They were mostly made to order at the festival in 2013 (a couple months after I moved to Tucson). Each disc has one song from one band on a square picture disc. Artists: Bob Log III, Golden Boots, Fur Family (Mems of Golden Boots and one of my favorite Tucson bands), Michael Gaughn, Ranch Ghost, Lonesome Shack.

American Monoxide - Robot Walk Pic Disc 7" bonus with Web Content Preorder
Arrington DiDionysio - This Saxophone Kills Fascists Hand painted unique live lathe cut
Bed Rugs - 8" Psych Paint Pic Disc
Blank Tapes - Big Ol Wave Hickeyfest Studio 7" Screenprinted Psych painted
Briana Marela - I Don't Belong To You 7"
Built in Sun - Preorder Bonus 7"
Casey Golden - Lathe Cut psych Swirl 7"
Dead Meadow - Here With The Hawk - Diamond Lathe Cut, handscreened covers by the band
Dead Meadow - The Whirlings - Psyc Paint Die Cut Pic Disc
Devandra Banhart - 8" remixes by Nils Frahm and Gigi Masin
Electric Sunset - Destroyer lathe cut Picnic Plate in letter pressed sleeves
Eli Moore (LAKE) - Underground Houses lathe cut Picnic Plate in letterpressed sleeves
Erik Hallden - Likes This - 7" in silkscreened screen
Flaspar - Deep Punk 8" Letterpressed box
Floating Action - Bonus Is It Exquisite silskcreened and dip painted bonus disc
Floating Action - HYF Bonus disc - My Blood is Bright Red
Foxx Bodies 2x10"
Fruit Bats - Instant Merch Machine
Gift Machine - 5" bonus with New Tangles
Globelamp - Handmade cover 7"s
Golden Boots - Cowboy Kiosk die cut cover 10"
Golden Boots - Xray flexi - White Skeleton
Golden Boots/Gene Tripp Tour flexi 6" (No buttons)
Golden Boots - AZ Illustrated 7"
Golden Boots - Blunderlust 10" reg version
Graves - Easy Not Easy preorder bonus (Pay me less) 7"
Graves - PML Live at Hickeyfest Round SemiFlexi Screenprinted Psych painted
Graves - Waterfall Hickeyfest Studio 7" Screenprinted Psych painted
Grey Waves - Scum - Handmade 7" Preorder
Jason Lytle - Bell's View Cd-Record
Jim White - Preorder Bonus 7"
Keith John Adams - Change/Sparrow 7"
Krab Legz/Crab Legs split 6" - the story behind this is hilarious. look it up.
Lee Gull - Summer Grass Vol 2 - Hand painted sleeve (No cd-record)
Little Birds - All Time Low letterpress/embossed sleeve
Lori Goldson - The Seawall 10"
Mark Matos - Personality Splits handpainted 7"
Poison Control Center - Porcelain Brain Picnic Plate Lathe cut in letterpressed sleeve
Scott McMicken - Tornado CD-Record
Simon Joyner - Salt Across Your Grave 10"
Simon Joyner - Train to Crazy Horse Transperency Pic Disc
Simon Joyner - Pocket Moon Demos lathe cut 7"
SM Wolf - Unique hand trimmed and painted pic disc Preorder Bonus 7"
SM Wolf - Awful Spring Flexi only
SM Wolf - Awful Spring Reel to Reel with Single
Southerly - Desolation Low 7" with buttons
Spaceface - Up in the Clouds Eulerian Circle
Spaceface - Sun Kids 8" Pic Disc
Spaceface - Sky and the Road Animated Pic Disc 7"
Spaceface - Instant Merch Machine hand made
Sugar Candy Mountain - Hickeyfest Pic Disc
Tunde Adimbe (TV on the Radio) - hand made 7"
Veronica Bianqui - Studio Hickeyfest 7"
Veronica Bianqui - Live Sunday Cups Hickeyfest Round SemiFlexi Screenprinted Psych painted
Will Johnson - Murder of the Dance 7"
Willis Earl Beal - You/Feel 7"
Wooden Wand - School's Out Transperency pic disc