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Golden Boots - Cowboy Kiosk 10" PIAPTK-276

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The last few years have seen huge burst of productivity and musical exploration from one PIAPTK's oldest mainstays and Tucson legends, Golden Boots.

After spending their last few releases exploring instrumentals, drone, and casio-core, their new EP, Cowboy Kiosk is a return to the "Crumbly Western" vibe of their earlier output. This EP also features the addition of drummer Tommy Larkins, Jonathan Richman's long time drummer. You might remember him from his cameos with Jonathan in Something About Mary and Kingpin. Regardless, dude is a badass.

Ltd ed of 35 copies on white vinyl 10" with black diecut covers. If they sell out super fast, I might consider making a second run on black vinyl with white covers, who knows? It's a badass EP and I don't want folks to miss out on it.

You can preview it or buy it on tape or CD (and also pick up some of the other stuff they've been working on/dragging out of the closet at their bandcamp:

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-Homely Singles Series 7": It Could Be Easy/Pray for Surf on shaped lathe cut
- Circuit Bored 6-song 7" EP
- EV/CDS LP with attached Telelog Freedom Tape
-Winter of Our Discotheque LP (outta the archives) on red vinyl
- DBX n SPF First Pressing with handmade covers LP

Here is the blurb from the band:
"Cowboy Kiosk" was intended to be pressed as a three song 7" for a May 2020 tour of Germany and France. THEN COVID-19 came and no more tour... but now "Cowboy Kiosk" comes back as a 5 song tape and CD :-)

Yee Haw from the kiosk!

"Party U.S.A. 666" recorded and mixed by Jim Waters at Waterworks Studios, Tucson AZ. Tommy Larkins on drums and Sean Rogers on bass
"Secret Love" and "Then Them" recorded and mixed by Matt Rendon at Midtown Island Studios. Tommy Larkins on drums Matt Rendon back up singing
"Concrete Plain" and "Alpha" recorded at home by the Boots. "Alpha" mixed by Jim Waters at Waterworks Studios, Tucson AZ

All songs except "Secret Love" by Golden Boots growyourownmusic (BMI)
"Secret Love" was composed by Sammy Fain (music) and Paul Francis Webster (lyrics) for Calamity Jane

Pressing Information

First Pressing on white vinyl/black die cut covers ltd to 35 copies