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Simon Joyner - Tour Single 2019 PIAPTK - 271

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Simon Joyner – You Never Know / Morning Sun, Slow Down Tour single

Simon Joyner saw my post on IG about the Dead Meadow single and sent me a text saying “Hey! I've got a tour coming up too! Do you have time to knock out some singles for me as well?” Annndddd. Of course I did Having already proven myself with the Dead Meadow “24 hours from concept to completion” task, I took a more leisurely pace and spread these out over 3 days.

Simon and his wife Sarah hand-screened and die cut the covers themselves and they are all hand-signed by Simon.
120 copies available, and we only have 60 available. The rest will be on the road with Simon.

PS... while you are at it, pick up a copy of the Simon Joyner CD/Vinyl Hybrid single....

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