Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Dead Meadow - The Whirlings 7" PIAPTK - 270

Dead Meadow – The Whirlings Tour 7”

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Jason from Dead Meadow sent me a text at 4pm one day and asked “Hey, any chance you could make us some tour singles in the next 10 days?” and I, having nothing all that pressing (get it? Get it? :-( ) going on that night said “I'll make them all in the next 24 hours”. And I did it. 22.5 hours to psychedelic dip paint the discs, die cut the covers on my grandma-approved Cricut scrapbooking cutter (a process that took almost 6 hours... those things are slow), design/print the clear labels, cut the 4.5 min stoner rock jam (an outtake from the Dead Meadow classic album, Feathers), and package them all up. 100 copies made, and we only have 50 copies available. The rest went with Dead Meadow on their US tour.

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