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Little Wings - Ropes in Paradise + People LP! PIAPTK - 265

Little Wings – Ropes in Paradise LP

Oh boy... this is one I've REALLY been waiting for... The Little Wings Country Covers Record! You all know how much I love Little Wings and how much I love Classic Country. Kyle Field went in with a top crew of studio musicians to make a truly sincere country record, but with that Little Wings stoney, surfer flair.

1) I Was High (Little Wings Cover)
2) Goodbye Easy Street (Jerry Jeff Walker)
3) Mexicali Blues (Grateful Dead)
4) Daddy Frank (Merle Haggard)
5) Wheels (Flying Burrito Brothers)
6) Millers Cave (Cowboy Jack Clement)
7) Wishing All These Old Things Were New (Merle Haggard)
8) No Lonesome Tune (Townes Van Zandt)
9) She Believes in Me (Kenny Rogers)
10) Torn and Frayed (Rolling Stones)

Limited Edition of 500 copies. Available on either Yellow or Black vinyl. 200 were bought by a vinyl subscription company, and Kyle has a bunch, so we only have about 100 yellow and 50 blacks available.

Also available for Distro is Kyle's self-released new LP of originals, PEOPLE. This is an incredible album, and includes my second favorite of all Little Wings songs (one that was originally going to be on Ropes, but got moved because it wasn't a cover), “Paradise” This song is an instant classic.. I knew it the first time I heard him play at the PIAPTK curated Ace Hotel Palm Springs Vinyl Weekend a couple years ago. It's such a perfect country folk song that if it weren't for Kyle's signature weird word play and references to flip-flops, you would swear it was a cover from a song from your childhood.