Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Dead Meadow - 7" hi-fi DIAMOND CUT Stereo Lathe cut PIAPTK - 250

Dead Meadow has been one of my favorite bands since college, so I was beyond stoked when they approached me about collaborating and making some lathe cuts for their tour. They would hand-silkscreen the covers, and I would make the records.

Side A: Here With The Hawk
Side B: Tomorrow Never Knows

These are hi-fi, diamond cut, stereo lathe cuts. You shouldn't be able to tell much dfferenence between these and a traditional pressed record. I rarely make them because they cost me EIGHT times as much money (in needle cost, discs, much higher reject rate) and take SIX times as long to make. Because I gave the band Half of the records, selling them at $30 each won't even actually allow me to break even on it.

Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 50. 25 for the band, 25 for PIAPTK - Covers handscreened by the band.