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Jim White - Waffles, Triangles, and Jesus 2xLP PIAPTK-241

Scratch another of my favorite artists off ye old PIAPTK bucket list. I fell in love with the music of Jim White in 2007 when I walked into a record store/head shop in Odessa, Tx and heard his at-that-time-new album, Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See, playing over the PA. He's a former NYC Cab driver, European Male Model, Pro surfer, etc etc. The kind of guy who's backstory mythos is just a compliment to his amazing songwriting, rather than the entirety of his cultural appeal. Musically, he's extremely diverse, one song might be a tear jerker about a murder, while the next song ponders eternal questions like "What if Jesus Drove a Motorhome?". Sort of an angel-voiced Southern Gentleman Tom Waits.

He's released records on Luaka Bop (David Byrne's label), Yep Roc, etc. Huge Indie Rock Americana stalwart labels.... and now for some reason that I don't fully understand, he's agreed to let PIAPTK release his new one, Waffle, Triangles, and Jesus.

There are only 150 copies on WAFFLES AND SYRUP colored vinyl, and the only place to get them is PIAPTK or from Jim himself. We have 100 to sell online and he has 50 to sell at shows.

Will arrive before release date. Includes a digital download card.

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 150 Waffles and Syrup Colored Vinyl.
Black Vinyl unlimited.