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Golden Boots / Gene Tripp Euro Tour Semi-Flexi Lathe Cut 7" + Button Pair PIAPTK - 223

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Golden Boots are on their way to Europe to tour with (and back up) their new favorite band, Phoenix's Gene Tripp. Like the darker more somber side of the Golden Boots' weirdo country coin, Gene Tripp provides a beautiful and heavy counterpoint to the Golden Boots' current "Tropical Trio" Casio Country incarnation. Gene's music is best summed up my Mark Anderson: “if you like downer, cowboy blues with experimental underpinnings then this is the album for you.”Both represented on this limited edition semi-flexi lathe cut record.

|But, WAIT! There's More! In order to use up all the wasted space at the bottom of the beautiful red transparencies, we've made some beautiful metallic red transparency buttons to accompany the records!

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Limited Edition of 75 Copies.