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S.M. Wolf - The Awful Spring Reel to Reel and Lathe Combo Box! PIAPTK - 204

***NOTE** We have a few standalone singles that appeared buried in the bowels The Lathe Cave's Box Mountain (we lost them when we did the original Reel/Record boxsets and had to recut them.

S.M. Wolf is the new(er) project of Amo Joy frontman, Adam Gross. This is the second in a series of Dual-Analog releases with two formats in one package (the first being the American Monoxide/Wight Lhite Magic Mirror Lathe cut/Cassette).  It includes a lathe cut 7" screwed onto the front of It. It will play the same song, The Awful Spring, on both your Turntable AND your Reel to Reel deck!  It also takes some inspiration from one of PIAPTK's earliest releases, the Golden Boots Bland Canyon 10".  Like that release, The Awful Spring arrives to you incomplete and requires purchaser customization before you can complete the set.

All tapes were dubbed in Adam Gross' basement on used 7" reels. Some were blank, and some were prerecorded, with everything from Tito Puente to happy birthday messages to grandma. So, some include non-SM wolf bonus tracks! We hope you enjoy whatever is on there!

The complete package is considered to be:
1) Reel/Lathe combo
2) Insert & "Color Your Own" Box, in it's YOU-COLORED VERSION
3) SM Wolf 20 Fountain Paintbrush set (markers)
4) 4" lathe cut record with "The Awful Spring pt. 2: NightGlo" companion song. (NOT INCLUDED.. see below)

However, the package DOES NOT INCLUDE the 4" in it's initial mailing.  In order to receive it, you must color your box with the SM WOLF Fountain Paintbrush set and post a photo and tag PIAPTK and SM Wolf on some form of social media and then we will send it to you, or, you can pick it up from the band in Indianapolis (you must still tag us both). WE REALLY WANT YOU TO COLOR THIS BOX.

Step One: Color Box & Take Photo
Step Two: Post photo on Social Media and tag SM WOLF and PIAPTK
Step Three: Send a link or a screenshot via email to: AND

Why do we make you jump through hoops? Because we love you and want you to interact with us. We want your box to be one of a kind.  We want you to value this record because it was a collaboration between you, the label, and the band.   It makes it more valuable and fun for everyone. 

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