Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

American Monoxide - Web Content LP! PIAPTK-202


The new American Monoxide (Dimitri Manos of Golden Boots/Dr Dog) is a weird electronic feel good summer jam. Breezy and clean like Tucson's creosote desert winds.

Check out a track premiere at

Dimitri and I handpicked our favorite labels to go Co-Op style on this one, and have encouraged all of them to create their own "Variant" with some sort of bonus item. Please go check them all out before buying from us, and choose your favorite bonus item. PIAPTK, Soild Gold, and Almost Halloween Time versions available here (while supplies last), the rest can be picked up at their respective sites.

Labels Involved, bonus items/price

Regular LP - $15:
PIAPTK - Bonus Lathe Cut $22 - Each Lathe cut is psychedelic swirl painted into the shape of one letter of the title. The printed covers has an example of each letter. Ltd ed of 75.
Almost Halloween Time Records (Incredible hand painted covers! We will be selling some of them here for US buyers, but we HIGHLY recommend you go visit the AHT time site (SEE ALTERNATE COVERS IN PICS) (, because you will want to buy their entire catalog - $35 from PIAPTK, maybe less from AHT.
Soild Gold - Soild Gold Style Bootleg Cover - $17
Baby Gas Mask Records - Library Style Mylar sleeves with Bonus Cassingle with unreleased track - $18
Hocus Bogus - Bonus Zine with Lathe Cut cover! - $20
Lazy Boy Recording Co - TBD
Wooden Tooth Records - Cassingle with bonus track - $18
Shot By A Fan - Bonus video content!

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 500. Most variants are limited to between 50-100.