Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Floating Action - Hold Your Fire 2xLP PIAPTK-196

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We are so excited to release the new, double LP from NC's Floating Action. Seth Kaufmann, besides being the sole player on most Floating Action records, is also the secret weapon/hired gun that adds the finishing touches and production to everyone from Pop superstars to Indie Rock stalwarts. The new 21 song double album includes guest vocal appearances from Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Angel Olsen, and Shannon Whitworth.

Check some of it out here:

Limited Edition of 300 copies, 50 of which are handmade by Seth himself using hand painting and silkscreening. (Photos not yet available). Handmade editions include a special bonus 7" Semi Flexi lathe cut with the unreleased song, My Blood is Bright Red. We only have 20 copies of this version available!

If you miss out on the handmade edition, you can add on the Semi-Flexi lathe cut for only $6 (available only during preorders, will never be repressed).

These come packaged in hand assembled, Taiwanese-Style Bootleg covers, on fancy label-less weirdo splatter vinyl configurations, hand made by Mike Dixon of PIAPTK. Every one is different, and they are all weird. Mike spent 5 days hunched over an industrial press in NJ making these records and hand-mixing the vinyl pellets. They are all a combination of Green, Silver, Blue, Yellow, and Clear.
This is a co-release between PIAPTK, Baby Gas Mask, and Soild Gold Extended Services Division.

Pressing Information

250 2xLP sets.
50 Handmade Sets with Bonus flexi.