Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Jeffrey Lewis - Outtakes LP - Soild Gold SG-00007

Jeffrey Lewis was the poster boy for the Anti-Folk movement of the early 2000s, and is still going strong making smart, clever, outsider tinged pop songs.

We, at PIAPTK and Soild Gold, have been HUGE fans of Jeffrey since long before either label existed, so it's an ENORMOUS honor for us to curate an outtakes compilation LP for Soild Gold. After years of begging him to do a release with us, he finally said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Well, I've got about 50 songs that I don't really like that you can hear. I'm not a good judge of my own material, so you can give me some notes". He sent over three CDs worth of amazing tunes in demo form. I sent him a list of songs that I thought would go really well together on an LP. He said (again paraphrasing), "I certainly wouldn't have chosen those tunes or running order, but I kind of like that it was curated by you and not me. Can you be sure that somewhere on the album it says that this wasn't my idea?". So, in true Soild Gold fashioned we named the record "Jeffrey Lewis - Did Not Choose The Tracklisting or Sequence of This Record".

Limited Edition of 200 Lps and 100 Cassette Tapes sold.

LPs on Goldenrod Vinyl and Cassettes on Gold tapes.

35 Gold with Red, yellow, and/or white Splatter vinyl will be sent to random purchasers.

Includes a JL Pinup poster.

TEST PRESSINGS: Do you like test pressings? We have 3 test pressings
to be given away in a raffle. To enter the raffle, use the "pay what you
want" option and enter a value (over $15) that includes change. Eric has
chosen a number between .01 and .99, and the first three people to pay a value
with that change amount, win the test pressing. For example, if Jeffrey chose $.02
(hint: he didn't), and you paid $15.02, you win a test pressing. You have the
same chance of winning whether you pay $15.02 or $250.02... However, if you
throw in a little extra, it will be used to buy beers and hummus for the record
packing party we hold when we receive each release from the pressing plant.

AND DON'T FORGET The Jeffrey Lewis Number Two Girl, CD-Record CD/Vinyl Hybrid disc.
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1) Better Off in the Long Run (feat. Matt Mottell of Talibam on keyboard/beats)
2) Dog Eat Dog
3) Personal Things
4) Sex Therapist (feat. Jason Rabinowitz of the Pop-Ups on banjo)
5) What to Do
6) I'm Gonna Miss the Internet
7) Completely Obsolete (Xian-Sike Fuzzmonster)
8) Funny the 1st Time (my partially re-written cover of an 80s Peter Stampfel song)
9) Going Postal
10) Get the Car, Move the Car
11) What We Talk About... (as in, the Raymond Carver story)
12) If You See Something Say Something
13) I Love Antifolk
14) Freelance Artist
15) River on Venus

Pressing Information

250 LPs (200 Sold, 50 artist/label copies) Only 50 on splatter vinyl.
150 Cassettes (100 Sold, 50 artist/label copies)