Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

American Monoxide/Wight Lhite “Magic Mirror” Lathe/Cassette Sandwich PIAPTK - 174

Second Pressing on Blue Tapes available Now!

Cassette-only version available now as well!

A split EP from Tucson weirdos American Monoxide (Dimitri Manos of Dr Dog/Golden Boots) and Wight Lhite. This cassette was released in two formats… The standard version on Paisley Shirt Records out of SF, and the “Deluxe Lathe Cut Sandwich” Version on PIAPTK. The first pressing (red cassettes) are limited to 30 copies of each version. Subsequent editions (if any) will be on different colored cassettes.

Here’s How it Works:
Each Deluxe Version includes: One Cassette, Two Venn Diagram off-set hole lathe cuts, two bolts, two wingnuts, and four rubber mounting shock absorber grommets, and one Sathers Candy style package. Each lathe cut includes two tracks that are designed to be played in conjunction with the cassette, but can be played separately.

Watch the instructional video here:

Pressing Information

First Edition on Red Tapes: Limited to 30 "Deluxe Lathe Sandwich Editions"