Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Forest Fallows - At Home PIAPTK - 165

ONLY VERSION LEFT OF THIS IS THE BUSTED AS BOOTLEG VERSION. IT's FREE! And listenable, but not sellable. May be noisy or warped, but should be at least enjoyable! Comes in a repurposed sleeve with a sticker on it.

FINALLY the vinyl version of this excellent LP from Tucson's Forest Fallows have arrived!  This will be your new summer time jam!  Influenced by early/mid 90's indie rock like Yo La Tengo and The Sea and Cake, with a fresh atmospheric psych twist, Forest Fallows in one of my favorite bands (and full disclosure, next door neighbors). 

This is a co-release with Joyful Noise.  The first pressing come in hand silkscreened covers, with a bonus track (which won't be on subsequent pressings of the LP) called Comfort Lime, and is on "Comfort Lime" Green Vinyl with hand-stamped labels. Hand numbered out of 350 copies. 

Listen to it here!

The story of this record is LONG, TWISTED, and FRAUGHT with FRUSTRATION. It involved 16 months, 4 rejected test pressings, a rejected first run of records, 2 phone calls a week for 8 months, countless broken promises, the new owner of a pressing plant telling me my "little indie label can fuck off and never come back, because (they) were going to be pressing MAJOR LABEL records, and didn't need my business.".  Do not ever press records with a plant in Dallas, TX that used to have two letters separated with an & sign for a name and was bought out by an opportunist "business man" who owns a record store named after a woman. 


Forest Fallows are an incredible band from Tucson (that happen to live next door to me). Their album will be co-released on vinyl with Joyful Noise in about 6 months, but until then, we've got their masterful reverbed out chill psych classic on cassette and CD-Record (full album + bonus groove jam). Check them out here: