Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ


LABRYYYNTH - (Yes, we know it would be mispelled without three YYYs and that repeated letters are a cliche' in 2014 indie rock band names... )

The new side-project from many of the folks who have graced Golden Boots lineups over the years, these recordings were approached from a very Non-Golden Boots methodology, and therefore deserve their own distinction.

10 incredible tracks. Digital released on all digital retailers on PIAPTK (Nov. 4th), Cassettes from PIAPTK and Burger Records on Nov. 4th, and LPs (300 copies) released in unique 70s Taiwanese Bootleg style covers from PIAPTK, Bleeding Gold Records and Gray Sky MicroPress coming in December sometime.

FIRST 30 LPs sold include free poster!

Pressing Information

Cassettes on Burger and PIAPTK - 250 copies
LPs in Taiwanese Bootleg Sleeves on PIAPTK, Bleeding Gold, and Gray Sky - Edition of 300