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Wooden Wand - PIAPTK Singles 2006-2014 Cassette PIAPTK-134

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A Cassette Store 2014 Release!

Wooden Wand and PIAPTK go back a long time, and we've released some really great records together. Many of those were weird singles that went out of print almost instantly. This cassette tape contains every track Wand has released on a PIAPTK single between 2006 and September of 2014. Ltd edition of 100.

Tracklisting and Liner Notes:
“Run Run Run” was written by Lou Reed and was originally released on PIAPTK-006, a hexagonal shaped lathe cut as part of the PIAPTK Limited Edition Subscription Club in 2006. “Beatles Vs Stones”, “Dive”, “Carnival Trailer”, and “O’Susanna!” were originally released in 2008 on Haunting The Stagecoach, which was a handbound book with silkscreened X-Rays for pages and upcycled linoleum flooring for a cover. “Dirty Penny” & “(I’m Afraid of) Little Girls” are from the Wand/Golden Boots split 7” (2009). “Love Me Tender” was written by Ken Darby to the tune of a Civil War ballad, but made famous by Elvis Presley. It was originally recorded and released on a heart-shaped picnic plate lathe cut for PIAPTK’s head honcho, Mike Dixon’s, wedding in 2010. Only 30 copies were made. “Winter In Kentucky (Original Demo Version)” and “I Still Haven’t Lost You” were originally released as an Edison Diamond Transcription Disc in 2010. 50 copies were planned, but only 30 were produced due to production problems. “The Junkie & The Juicehead (Minus Me)” was written by Kris Kristofferson and was released on a red flexi disc, which was given as a special thank you bonus gift to backers of 2013’s The Rising Cost of Living High and Loving Hard: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson. “A Few Old Memories” was (written by and appears) on a Hazel Dickens Tribute 7” split with Catherine Irwin (of Freakwater) from 2013. “School’s Out” came out on a transperency picture disc which was produced for the Spring 2014 Wooden Wand/Simon Joyner Southwest Living Room Tour. Some of these releases are long out of print, however, a few are still available (along with several other Wooden Wand LPs) at

Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 100