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Little Wings - Be Gulls II Boxset! PIAPTK - 107

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A couple of years ago, Kyle Field (Little Wings) and his merry band of Be Gulls stopped by my house and recorded 4 songs straight to lacquer in my kitchen. When we sent the lacquer LP off to be pressed, the discs got ruined en route. Luckily, the engineer had backed up the tracks to his laptop. So, after the tracks simmered for a while, we finally came up with a packaging idea worthy of the songs.

Each boxset includes:
- Painted and silkscreened Reel to Reel box
- 2x lathe cut square clear 7"
- 6x 1.5" buttons
- a 28 page zine booklet
- a 12x18" poster
- a DVD with a 45 min "film" of the recording of the boxset.

Tracks: Motorcycle Sky, Surfer Speech, Cassidy (Grateful Dead cover), and Beachhouse Dog

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