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Golden Boots - White Skeleton X-Ray Flexi disc! PIAPTK-108

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A live version of the excellent Golden Boots rarity, White Skeleton, actually pressed into a REAL X-Ray! Each of these is unique! Includes an MP3 download of both the Live version and the studio version (originally included on the 5" X-ray Picture disc released several years ago)

Back in 2007, Nathan Sabatino from Golden Boots forwarded me this article:

And ever since, I'd been trying various ways to make my own records on X-Rays. First through Peter King, then by lathe cutting them on my own. I eventually settled for making X-Ray picture discs by gluing polycarbonate to an X-Ray. Golden Boots were kind enough to write a song for the occasion, White Skeleton. We released 50 of them, they sold out super quickly, but I still wasn't satisfied. Finally, my dream of having an actual pressed X-ray came true thanks to Pirates Press in SF, who are currently the only manufacturer of flexi-disc records, and were kind enough to press these X-Rays on their flexi press. It took 5 sets of test pressings, but we finally got them relatively well-dialed in.

Please understand that these X-Rays were never intended to be records. Therefore, some of them may have tracking problems and/or some surface noise, but for the most part, they are totally listenable and extremely cool.

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 250 flexi discs pressed onto real X-Rays.