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Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - SteviePink Javascript MIRROR lathe cut! PIAPTK - 091

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Almost gone.

Please only purchase if you want to own it because you like Stevie and Pink and because it will be (probably) the only mirror record in your collection. One per person. Please do not buy one if you already got a copy from one of the first two runs. I will check, I'm the one who does the shipping. Got a memory like a steel trap for names and towns.

This pressing still on mirrors, and in either onion skin or clear, re-purposed architectural film with gold ink covers.

I will put these up a handful at a time, so if this is sold out again, check back. There will be more... until I say there won't... and then I might change my mind. But probably not. I've listened to this song a LOT, since each one is cut in real time, and for every 10 records I make, there are about 3 screwups.

Thank you for your patience and patronage.

An amazing 6 minute space droner from Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore.
SECOND PRESSING: Only 66 copies on psychedelic honeycomb with blue denim ink.

FIRST PRESSING: Only 88 copies were lathe cut on MIRRORS.
Comes in silkscreened holographic drum covering, in red, yellow, or blue covers with metallic black or white ink. .

Almost every aspect of this record was made from recycled or upcycled materials. The mirrored acrylic was collected over several years from the by-the-pound remnant bin of a Tacoma plastic supplier. It came from the end pieces and overcut scraps of various projects and was otherwise destined for the dump. The holographic covers were hand-cut with a T-square and boxcutter (hence the jaggedness of some) from the end remnants of rolls of drum-covering. Even the paper for the insert was picked up at a garage sale.


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Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 88 Lathe Cut Mirrors in silkscreened holographic drum wrap.
Second Pressing: 66 Lathe cut mirrors in psychedelic honeycomb covers with blue denim ink.