Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Songs of Love Digital Covers Album

Last year, for my wedding, I asked a bunch of my friends to record a love song to be used as party favors. I expected to get three or four, but instead got 15! So I made 20 of each disc, in silkscreened covers, gave 10 to the band and had 10 of each on hand at my wedding for guests to take as party favors.

Records sold out! This is for MP3 DOWNLOAD ONLY!


  1. Golden Boots - The Man In Me (Bob Dylan)
  2. Lazer Zeppelin - Song For You (Gram Parsons)
  3. The Blank Tapes - Islands in the Stream (Bee-Gees)
  4. Firs of Prey - This Could Be Our Year (The Zombies)
  5. Castanets (feat Golden Boots) - You are My Sunshine (Trad)
  6. Edmond Lapine - Words of Love (Buddy Holly)
  7. Amo Joy - Do You Take This Man (Nirvana (the 60's band))
  8. Graves - Sea of Love (Phil Phillips)
  9. Wooden Wand - Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley)
  10. Lake - Sudden Whim (LAKE)
  11. Carcrashlander - Lovesong (The Cure)
  12. Jad Fair - Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart)
  13. Casper and the Cookies - That's Love! (CATC)
  14. Lee Baggett - Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
  15. Miniature and Presidential - I'm Your Man (Leonard Cohen)

Pressing Information

15 individual discs, only 20 copies of each.