Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Golden Boots - Coyote Deathbed Surprise/EV LP PIAPTK - 024

Throw Mutations-era Beck, The Monkees, and Gram Parsons into a blender and you would get something roughly equivalent to Tucson, AZ's The Golden Boots. This is a double EP 12" that is comprised of the Coyote Deathbed Surprise tour-only EP, and the EV ep, which was originally intended to be released on the Trust Series, but was to good to be that limited.

This record has a couple of very peculiar qualities:
SIDE B - HAS DOUBLE GROOVES that run parallel, meaning that if you put the needle down on the lead-in groove, you will play either the odd or even grooves, and each set of grooves has a different set of songs.

Deluxe Expanded Edition!
Because of the foul-up at the pressing plant during the initial run, we never got any of the "swirl" vinyl that I really wanted for this release. So, I ordered an additional 250 on pink and orange "starblast" vinyl. And they look AMAZING! Unfortunately, I had already cleaned off the screens for the covers before I knew I would need more. Dmitri from Golden Boots suggested doing an alternate cover and including a new cassette as part of the packaging. And thus, EV/CDS/TF was born!


  1. Ancient Buried City
  2. West Isle Nile (Dictaphone Buffet Version)
  3. Ghost Machine
  4. Days Are Nights
  5. Slangin' Family Ties Dub
  6. Evil One
  7. Everything
  8. Evil Eye
  9. Every Time

Pressing Information

Reg - 500 copies (250 on blue vinyl, 250 on mint green vinyl)
Expanded - 200 copies on rainbow sherbet vinyl