Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Arizona Quints - Please Excuse the Off-Key Caterwauling

2006 · PIAPTK · 001

Please Excuse the Off-Key Caterwauling - a 4-song, Sqaure 8" from the now defunct Texas Power-Cow-Pop one-man band! Once described by an Austin show-goer as "Camper Van Beethoven, Daniel Johnston, and Neil Young drunkenly driving around a circus stage in the little clown-car" whatever that means. 25 made.

Miniature and Presidential - Circumstance and Pseudonyms

2006 · PIAPTK · 002

The debut Full-Length from Olympia, WA's Miniature and Presidential on clear hand-lathe 12". Includes a cd with 11 bonus tracks. Only 25 made, all with unique hand-made covers cut from maps.

ongs: My Suitcase Friend, Pullin' Strings, Tickly, Aerosols, Leonard Cohen Cassettes, Picture You Wish, E.E. Cummings, Relocation Baby Blues, Millions If..., Currently Untitled.

Viking Moses - Lands of the Pink

2006 · PIAPTK · 004

PIAPTK Limited Edition Suscription Club Vol. 1 - You might have seen Brendon Massei (aka The VIking Moses) anywhere on the planet sometime in the last 6 years. The man hasn't had a permanant residence in that long, and is constantly on the road, bringing his folky weirdness to every basement, VFW Hall, club, bar, and park that will have him. He's played in Devendra Banharts touring band, and toured/opened for a laundry list of indie greats. I asked Brendon if he had a couple of songs that he would contribute to the club and he said "No, I don't have any loose songs, but I have an ALBUM you can have!". I was initially reluctant to do a full 12" for a single artist (as this hadn't been my original plan), but after hearing the first 20 seconds of these 6 epic songs (which total 38 minutes) I was ecstatic to make it the first record of the series. The covers were hand painted and silkscreened and it includes a two-sided screenprinted cardboard lyric insert. On clear vinyl, of course.

Songs: Western Role, Keep Still From Traveling, PArting Halves, Precious Things, Departure Bid, Winter In New England

Poster Children - Lost Songs

2006 · PIAPTK · 005

PIAPTK Limited Edition Suscription Club Vol. 2 - The Poster Children have LONG been one of my favorite rock bands. They were always on the cutting edge of punk rock and technology. They were keeping tour blogs before most people even had internet access, and were one of the first bands I'd ever heard of to have Enhanced CDs (content created by bass player, Rose). It's been pretty quiet on the Poster Children front for the last couple of years, but as the PC approach their 20th anniversary, Rick was kind enough to dig through the vault and give me these four incredible studio outtakes from 1996. Why they were never released (in any form) is beyond me, but I am ridiculously excited to bring them to the subscribers. On clear triangular vinyl, in heavy duty picture disc sleeves with hand cut stickers.

Songs: Remember Your Name, Everything Must Go, New World Record, Bulletproof

Wooden Wand/Clay Ruby - Velvet Underground Covers Hexagonal 8"

2006 · PIAPTK · 006

PIAPTK Limited Edition Suscription Club Vol. 3 - Wooden Wand and Clay Ruby (Zodiacs/Davenports) both take on songs from The Velvet Underground and Nico on this Hexagonal, clear 8" in hand screenprinted covers.

Songs: Wooden Wand: Run, Run, Run / Clay Ruby: Black Angels Death Song

Jad Fair & Daisy Cooper - Square 8"

2006 · PIAPTK · 007

PIAPTK Limited Edition Subscription Club Vol. 4 - Jad Fair was touring Europe in the early 2000's with German Band Daisy Cooper. After the tour, they went into the studio to record these three covers. This is an extremely weird record, mostly because it is a Jad Fair record, and isnt weird at all. It has solid musicianship, singing, production value, etc... all things that Jad isn't really known for.

Songs: Blue Moon, Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground), and an Ernest Noyes Brookings poem set to music.

Will Johnson - Blackest Sparrow/Darkest Night

2007 · PIAPTK · 008

PIAPTK Limited Edition Suscription Club Vol. 5 - Centro-Matic has been my favorite Texas band since I moved to Denton, TX for college in 1997. The first Centro-Matic album, Redo the Stacks, which was played completely by Will had just hit the racks, and on my first day there, the record store clerk across from campus INSISTED that I buy it. And I am eternally grateful! This is 2-song single on Square, Clear 8" Lathe-Cut records in hand-stamped burlap bags.

Songs: Blackest Sparrow/Darkest Night, From This I Will Awake

Angelo Spencer & Tender Forever - Heart Shaped Lathe Cut Split

2007 · PIAPTK · 009

PIAPTK Limited Edition Suscription Club Vol. 6- Two of France's finest artsts (who luckily live in Olympia) are Krecords ElectroPopster Tender Forever, and Scuzzy Blues Purveyor Angelo Spencer. Covers are a poster that was amazingly detailed hand silkscreened by Angelo's friend Remi.

Tender Forever: Bushes of Hair, Need Sleep/Need Dream, Lullaby Song, You and the World, Envie De Rire, I Fucked It Up
Angelo Spencer: Avant, Just Avant: They're Gonna Strike Back, Apres, Flashback D'Avant (Hasil Adkins)

Casper and the Cookies / Keith John Adams - Split 8"

2007 · PIAPTK · 014

Early one Sunday morning, Keith John Adams and Casper and the Cookies recorded a couple songs in my home studio in exchange for a place to sleep and some veggie pasta. One mic, in the middle of the room, no retakes/no overdubs. This 8" is PIAPTK's most labor intensive to date. These one-sided 8"s were silkscreened on the flipside and Kay Stanton from CATC HAND KNIT all of the bags! As KJA says "They also make very fetching hats". Ltd edition of 50

Songs: Power Stupid, Other Side of the Road.

Flaspar - Deep Punk

2007 · PIAPTK · 018

Las Vegas via Portland Electro band Flaspar coming at you with four live-in-the-studio tracks recorded with No Love For Ned. There were only 35 made, with each one in a hand-letterpressed, snake-skin pattern giftbox with a hand-made collage insert on clear, square lathe cut."

Songs: Doom Pendulum, Nothing Left But Fire Now, All Them Free, Ardor Arbor

Southerly - Storyteller & The Gossip Columnist (Hand Painted Edition)

2007 · PIAPTK · 010

Portland Orchestral pop-ists drop their amazing sophomore album.
Ltd Edition Lathe Cut in covers handpainted by Heidi-Elise Wirz! Each one is a work of art! only 50 made!

Songs: Visage Sans Expression, Close to the Crime, Soldiers, A Coarse Design, Taking Stock, For the Speechless Coward, How to be a Dreamer, If We All Forget, Pistols in Paradise, Cold Caller, Dreams That Make Men Free, Breath of My Youth, When We Have to Go, Simple Simon.

Anthony Junior - Animal Feet Are Softer Than Mine

2007 · PIAPTK · 020

Trust Series Vol. 1 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

My roommate and one of the weirdest (and most prolific) artists that I have had the pleasure to deal with.

Frog Princess, Wolf Child, Vampires, Oh Whale Baby, The Seahorse and the Butterfly, Raised by Bears, From Horses, Squid Word, Resting Coyote.

Mona Reels - 2 Singles

2007 · PIAPTK · 021

Trust Series Vol. 2 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

Olympia trio comprised of Peter David Connelly and Summer and April Schief.

Come on Mona, The Way You Show Your Love, Pick Up The Phone, Disappointing.

Gifted Children - Cordless Miles

2007 · PIAPTK · 022

Trust Series Vol. 3 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

Secret Mayors of Small Towns, Brooklyn: Remedy the Guestlist, Favorite Constellations, When Magic Was A Gas.

Paleo - Where Did The Day Go, Paleo?

2008 · PIAPTK · 023

Trust Series Vol. 4 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

He wrote, recorded and posted on his website 365 songs in one year, mostly while on tour.

Along Long Island Sound, Guess, Hide and Seek and a Bottle of American Red, Love Happens, The Stands, Thinking Outside of the Box Office, Memory Now.

Brother Bird / Manipulator Alligator - Split 8"

2008 · PIAPTK · 026

Trust Series Vol. 5 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

New lawyer (and two-time father) Matthew Hoppock (Manipulator Alligator) and his buddy, Brother Bird

Side A: Brother Bird: Lunar Eclipse, Gut Instinct
Side B:Manipulator Alligator: Morning in Chicago, Oh My God, Take Me Away, To Be Wise

Graves / Carcrashlander - Attic Wine

2008 · PIAPTK · 027

27: Carcrashlander/Graves - Attic Song/Bad Teeth and Bad Wine
Trust Series Vol. 6 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

Two of my favorite Portland bands take on each others songs.

Side A: Carcrashlander:Attic Song/Graves:Attic Song,
Side B: Graves:Bad Teeth and Bad Wine/Carcrashlander:Bad Teeth and Bad Wine

Live Active Cultures - Sanitary as the Seasons

2008 · PIAPTK · 028

Trust Series Vol. 7 - Only 25 made. Clear lathe cut with Hand Silkscreened covers.

Micah Davis-Wheeler and Andrew Dorsett (L.A.K.E.) make up this Olympia, WA stompy, scuzz-blues duo.

Side A: Wooden Electric, Keys on a Kitestring, How To Misbehave,
Side B: Bluesinimonnacome

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - STSNC Instrumentals 7"

2008 · PIAPTK · 025

Owen Ashworth (CFTPA) was recently commissioned to do the music for an indie film called Stay The Same Never Change. He wrote all the music, including the ringtones for the character's phones. Owen asked PIAPTK to release a very limited 7" with some selections of this score. We were very happy to ablige. However, there are a few other weirdo colors that will be slipped in here and there. These are almost gone, so order soon. They are on "random" colored vinyl, which includes dark grey marble, red marble, green marble, purple vinyl, etc. Due to the number of colors and the small number that are left, the is no real way to request a color, though. If you order more than one, you will receive different colors if we have them.

Songs: Twinkle Echo (reverse), Nashville Parthenon (Instr), STSNC, Twinkle Echo (redux), I Like Common, Possible Love Interest (ringtone), Bad People (ringtone), OMG (ringtone), Probably Walking Down the Street (ringtone), Ice Cream Truck (Instr).

Arrington DiDionysio - Rasa Sentuh

2009 · PIAPTK · 43

A picnic plate lathe cut of a song from the upcoming Malikat Dan Singa Record cut specifically to be sold at What The Heck Fest 2009. The lathe treatment adds a lot of strange and wonderful distortions and audio artifacts that caused it to sound "like radio transmissions from outer space" according to Arrington. There were 30 made with hand-painted covers and were only for sale at What The Heck Fest.

Southerly - Best Dressed and Expressionless 2x10"

2007 · PIAPTK · 016

Only 50 copies made of this super limited lathe cut double 10" pressing of Southerly's debut album, Best Dressed and Expressionless. Covers are hand-carved block prints by Heidi-Elise Wirz.

Songs: Accidental I, Rise, Harmony, Accidental II, Melissa, Naomi Ruth, Accidental III, Vanishing, Choke, Accidental IV, Ceremony, Goodbye

Arrington DiDionysio - Unique Lathe Cuts

2009 · PIAPTK · 048

This is a true rarity. I let Arrington borrow my record lathe while I was out of town, and he recorded 40 records (onto picnic plates) straight into the lathe, all completely different. He also made unique water color paintings on all the covers. Each record has a cd that has a sampling of some of the recordings. Your recording may/may not be on the cd. Arrington took most of them on tour, but I have TEN copies for sale

Golden Ghost - Unimaginative Body Laserdisc

2010 · PIAPTK · 000

Ltd Ed of 20 copies, in completely unique pen and ink/watercolor painted covers.
This amazing album features Viking Moses accompanying Golden Ghost on most tracks. They come in GORGEOUS pen and ink/hand-painted and totally unique covers. There are only 20 in existence, and I only have 5 left. I know they are expensive, but believe me, this album rules, these things are beautiful and my lousy pics don't do them justice!.

Lazer Zeppelin - Highway Hypnosis Laserdisc

2010 · PIAPTK · 052

Yes, that's right, Lazer Zeppelin where they belong, on Lazer disc. Side one holds the epic, 10 minute jam, Highway Hypnosis, which features guest appearances by Arrington DiDionysio and Angelo Spencer. The other side is decorated by LZ in neon paint markers. Ltd Ed of 40 copies, 20 of which are currently on tour with LZ. The remix of Highway hypnosis can be found on their myspace.

Casper and the Cookies - Modern Silence Preorder 5"

2009 · PIAPTK · 041

5" record that came with the first 50 copies of Modern Silence.