Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Electricity and Lust Distro

Some killer releases from one of our favorite Pac NW labels, run by former PIAPTK Intern, Mike Dellinger...

JORDAN O'JORDAN: CARBON CYCLES LP - FROSTED BLUE VINYL - “Science-troubadour banjo-songs. The musical story of two electrons in search of molecular love.” Ah, the charm of Jordan O Jordan (of Polka Dot Dot Dot fame), there’s really nothing quite like it. Expect group sing-alongs, banjo ballads, geeky science references. He’s toured the country many times over, is an indie star in New Zealand, and works at a cancer research center in his down time.

FIRS OF PREY: KEEP THE LIONS AWAKE - LP with Etched B-Side and silkscreened Cover -
"Keep the Lions Asleep, the second album from Firs of Prey (AKA Andrew Miller of Datura Blues) basks in the glow of a West Coast sunray—odd, given the dichotomy of sunshine-y folk-pop harmonies being augmented by a falsetto that Nick Drake might gush over. RYAN J. PRADO - Portland Mercury

POLKA DOT DOT DOT - SYZYGY LP - On Tourquoise or Translucent Purple - On their 2nd full-length release, Syzygy (a term that refers to planetary alignment), the Dots deliver a record that is unique, beautiful, and more patient than their last. Written after two US tours and a return trip to New Zealand, these songs deal with the fleeting nature of movement, friendship, and infatuation. While still full of their characteristic 3 part harmonies and instrumentation (guitar, banjo, ukulele, musical saw, harp, and hand-clap percussion), Syzygy expands the Dots’ sound with more orchestration and vocal arrangement.

THE OCEAN FLOOR - POP QUIZ LP - ON MOLDAVITE VINYL with Hand-printed inserts - “Pop Quiz”, the fourth full-length album by The Ocean Floor, attempts to alter the relationship between the artist and listener by not assuming the person with the microphone has all the answers. There are seventy-five questions asked over the course of 11 heavily orchestrated songs meant less to conjure up specific ideas than to remain open to the apparent lack of any real knowledge we may feel we own. Musically, the album connects disparate elements from 20th century music history in a substantially more cohesive way than previous releases. Tiptoeing between scenes of intimate folk-song sing-alongs, gritty disco clubs, a futurist synthesizer funeral, and American weddings of the 1950’s, the songs paint a landscape of the apparent universe, implying the holes within. Jazz flute, ukelin, string bass, clarinets, violins and analog synths all lend a hand to create a dynamic and unique listening experience. “Pop Quiz” manages to leave the listener with a joyous wonder for the incomprehensibility of what we call the universe without the need for a metanarrative storyteller. It suggests we find contentedness within the uncertainties of life, rather than continuing the unending search for a definitive answer.The Ocean Floor

JORDAN O'JORDAN / TIME AND TEMPERATURE SPLIT 7" - If you meet Jordan O' Jordan, of Polka Dot Dot Dot, you are guaranteed to never forget him. He's funny, gracious, extremely clever, and an amazing songwriter. Little Finger is his "hit" and it appears here with the excellent "Havana" by Ohio's Time & Temperature. These 7"s come on colored vinyl and in hand-silkscreened covers.